The U.S. government released guidelines for how states could begin reopening. One of the criteria that would need to be satisfied before proceeding to a phased opening is a "downward trajectory of documented cases within a 14 day period."

I started wondering, which states are trending downward in new cases per day and which states are still trending upward? Which states are close to making it to 14 days down?

I couldn't really find a site that had the information in the way I was looking for it so I created my own. :-)

I calculate a state's trajectory by first tracking the average number of new cases per day over the previous 7 days. The trajectory is then considered "downward" when the averages for the most recent days are each lower than or equal to the previous average. The goal of each state is to trend downward for 14 days.

Thanks to The COVID Tracking Project for providing the raw data I'm using. My site updates itself when new data is available, which is typically each day by about 6:00 PM Eastern time.

Enjoy the site, and feel free to pass along any comments on the Contact page.